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About Everstar

Everstar mainly manages air pollution control equipment and energy related industrial products. Everstar is a pioneer in air pollution control equipment fields and is not only a manufacturer but also a system designer. We specialize in the air pollution emission control fields, such as VOCs, HAP’s, and De-Nox systems. We have accumulated a lot of experience in dealing VOCs, PMP, acid gases and odors for years. We offer customized and flexible air pollution control solutions.
With professional attitude, well-experienced and outstanding technical staff, we offer one stop service, from the initial planning, design, manufacture, installation, training,and maintenance. According to customer's specific needs, Everstar can provide various kinds of air-pollution control systems which give consideration to cost efficiency, high removal efficiency, and lower set-up cost, for example, RTO/RCO/TO, Heat Exchanger, Condensation recovery system, Heat Recovery system, Activated Carbon Tower, BIO-Oxidation System, Wet Scrubber System, and De-Nox system.
Our technical staff has know-how of environmental equipment and plentiful on-site management experience. We cooperate with original equipment manufacturers and have continuous training programs for the staff, therefore, our staff has the ability to adjust or modify programs to ensure the system running smoothly. We can also provide system design and installation consultation.
Everstar adheres to honesty and professional service for business. With professional technical staff and careful attitude, we provide a high quality service for customers. Due to our excellent service and customer first principle, Everstar has won a lot of customers’ support and encouragement and built a long-term partnership relations with customers. We deeply convinced that to have a core value of organization and proving professional service can more succeed in business, and then reach a win-win situation.