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Rotor + RCO system

Exhaust streams are drawn by the fan and sent to the rotor concentrator unit. The stream passes through a rotor concentrator, in which VOCs are adsorbed and purified. The concentrator unit rotates continuously, and transports adsorbed VOCs into a desorption section.  The organics are then desorbed from the media with a low volume, heated air stream by the heat exchanger. The heated stream is passed through the poppet damper to the RCO chamber. VOCs is preheated in ceramic layers of the RCO chamber and passed through and catalytic bed and then processed by an oxidizer. After oxidization, the stream leaves the chamber and enters in another ceramic heat exchanger zone. The air is released the heat to heat exchanger and then discharged into the atmosphere. Zeolite concentrators divide into two types: Carousel Type and Disk Type. RCO has two types: two-canister design and three-canister design.